~ParalymArt World Cup 2018~Application Guildeline

What is the Paralym Art World Cup 2018?

The Paralym Art World Cup is a contest like no other, where people with disabilities from around the world come together to show off their artistic talents. In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic/ Paralympic Games in 2020, we will set a different theme for each year for the artworks submitted from all across the globe. Award winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and after party, held at a first class hotel in Tokyo on August 27th, 2018 (expected date) in recognition of their exceptional talent! We look forward to many applications!!


・Applicants with a certifiable disability regardless of their age or country of residence. (People who have an issued certification of their disability or a equivalent document) ・Applicants who have read and agreed to the application terms. ※Please find the application terms here(Please read before applying) ・Applications can be done both on an individual and group basis.

【Application Details】

■Application Theme


■Application Period (expected date)

February 6th, 2018 ~ May 27th, 2018

■Schedule for Selection Process

[First Round] June 2018~  Selection will be done by the Paralym Art World Cup Executive Committee and each participating embassy [Final Round] July2018 ~ Selection to be done and completed by judges panel and sponsor companies [Announcement of Results] July 2018 Results will be announced through the Paralym Art World Cup website, and award winners will be contacted individually. ※ The notification to award winners will be done by the Paralym Art World Cup Executive Committee. ※ Artworks that have received an award, shall be sent to the Paralym Art World Cup Executive Committee by July 2018 by post.(Shipping will be paid for by the committee)

■Number of Applications

1 artwork per applicant

■Regulation for Artwork to be Submitted

◯Size of Artwork Between A4(210mm×297mm)to A3(297mm×420mm)size ◯Artwork Material No limitations (digital paintings, colored pencil drawings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings, water color paintings, papercut art, print, embroidery, calligraphy etc.) ※When the surface of the submitted artwork is full of bumps to a degree that makes it impossible to scan, the artwork will not be considered for the contest. ※ Photos & 3-dimensional objects will not be considered as legitimate applications.

How to Apply

Please apply to the contest through the Paralym Art World Cup website. ※When the applicant does not have internet connection, please apply through a representative or an agent with internet connection. Paralym Art World Cup website: http://paralymart-wc.com/ ○ To apply, please go to the Paralym Art World Cup website and click on the application link. Please follow the guildelines and fill out the necessary information to complete the application. ○ Please upload the scanned data of the artwork to be submitted (size: between A4 to A3) or the data of the picture of the photo taken by a digital camera or a smartphone camera. ※ Applications that haven’t filled out the necessary requirements will not be considered. ※ Please provide the scan data or the picture data of the applying artworks that cover all corners of the artwork. ※Applications cannot be done over once they are submitted. The selection will be done based on the first application.

■Number of Award Winners(expected)

Grand Prize: 1 Second Prize: 2 Embassy Awards: 1 winner per country Sponsor Awards: TBD Judge Awards:  Shall depend on the number of judges (TBD)

■Benefits for Award Winners

Award winners will be invited to attend the award ceremony and after party, held at a first class hotel in Tokyo on August 27th, 2018! (expected date) We also plan to have various prizes for award winners. *There will also be a chance for award winning artworks to be used by our sponsors for commercial purposes. *Only winners of the Grand Prize, Second Prize, and embassy awards will be invited.


Judges will be announced through the Paralym Art World Cup website once they have been decided.

■Matters to Consider when Applying

①Applications for the contest will be done by online application only, through the Paralym Art World Cup website. Applications done through other methods will not be considered. Applicants sent by post will not be considered either. ②We will require award winners to send their original artworks by post. Artworks that have been sent will not be returned. ③Please keep the original artwork in safe keeping until the end of the selection process. ④Submitted artworks that do not follow the application guidelines will not be considered. (e.g. Artworks that do not fit the assigned size, applications that have not filled out the necessary information) ⑤ Please create an artwork based on the contests’ theme (festival) when applying. ⑥ Award winning and outstanding artworks may be used by participating companies for the design of their products or printed materials etc. Modifications may be made when using award winning artworks for such purposes. Moreover, when the use of said artworks has created a profit, a royalty will be paid to the award winning applicant accordingly. ⑦ Please submit an artwork that can be vouched for by the artist, the agent of the artists, the facility which the artist belongs to, or the artist’s guardian. ⑧ Personal information provided when applying, will be jointly used by the host organization and the management office of the contest. ⑨ Regardless of the contest results, applied artworks may be used in the website and the printed material by the host organization and the management office of the contest. In this case, the personal information of the applicant may be displayed. ⑩ When part of the duties in regards to the operation and management of the contest is to be commissioned, the host organization will entrust the personal information to the party receiving the commission.

■How to Apply

Please submit your application through the Paralym Art World Cup website http://paralymart-wc.com/


Japanese Applicants

Paralym Art Management Office TEL: 03-6436-0035 EMAIL : p-art@paralymart.or.jp

Non-Japanese Applicants

Paralym Art World Cup Executive Committee Management Office EMAIL : info@paralymart-wc.com ※For Non-Japanese speakers, please ask your questions by email first and we will get back to you.

※If you experience any technical troubles with your application, please send the above application details to the following email address.
Japanese Applicants: p-art@paralymart.or.jp
Non-Japanese Applicants: info@paralymart-wc.com